Venison/Beef Milanesa with Peach Salsa and Spinach

My husband is a hunter and because of him and his expensive dedication we save a small fortune on meat. I will sub venison for beef anytime. I am a ranchers daughter and I never in my life thought that would come out of my mouth. I know most of you are cringing at the…

AB&J Burger – WellFed2

This has to be one of my all-time favorite things to eat. Seriously, it does not sound that great until you take your first bite and melt just like the almond butter you can’t stop eating. I ate it so fast I didn’t even get a picture. Don’t judge. This is a recipe from WellFed2 cookbook. […]

Sunrise Spice Ground Turkey Hash

This recipe is a combination of a Sunrise breakfast hash and a hatch green chili hash which are both favorites. You will learn, I love hash. I clean out my fridge, it’s delicious and never the same twice. In the WellFed2 cookbook (another must buy) there is a Sunrise Spice recipe. Oh. My. Goodness. Weird […]

Seriously Slacking

.. Ya’ll my life has been absolutely insane lately. I will not get into details yet, we have so much going on I don’t want to jinx or say something I shouldn’t. In time I will bore you with my crazy real life. My only comment on the subject is that you must trust God….

Real Life

Life Rant: Sometimes life is a circus and you just have to laugh. Today we had a birthday for the beautiful.. we will call her Minnie Mouse. We always love seeing this family and all of our mutual friends. Minnie’s bow-tique was at one of the local gymnastics places. I wore my cute white capris…

BBQ Chicken Casserole – Fed&Fit

First off, let me start by saying this is a Fed & Fit recipe from the book by Cassy Joy Garcia. I follow Cassy on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat and I LOVE the person she is. She is always positive and upbeat. Her recipes are super simple and I love her book. She is a…

Spare Parts Quesadilla – Not Paleo!

So lately we have been in a funk. We have a ton going on in life, I will not bore you with it yet. Soon a post is coming, but I am not ready to spill my guts. Even Drake is in a funk. If you have been around us you know he does NOT…

Zucchini Pasta w/ Chicken and Pistachios

Tuesday was a big day for us! We went to the zoo, which if you know my child means we went and rode the choo choo (minimum of 5 times), saw the funny monkeys and rode the carousel then came home. The big part was Daddy came with us which does not happen often. Then…

Paleo Spiced Turkey Sliders w/Roasted Veggie Medley

Hi Ya’ll -It is only Wednesday and I feel like it should be Monday already! Between doctor’s appointments and nice weather we have been busy.  Drake was super excited about this one.. he waiting patiently……for about 46 seconds. 🙂 This little gem is originally from Paleo Made Perfect. I guess she got busy (like the…

Ground Beef & Gravy w/Rice – WellFed Weeknights

This is another great meal from WellFed Weeknights. page 87. I am telling you, get this book! It is on my menu from last week I hadn’t cooked. I had a procedure last week so Chris picked everything on the menu that he wanted to cook. This was one he was super excited about, but […]

This week’s menu

Today has been CRAZY! If you didn’t know, our house is on the market and has been for 3 weeks. The amount of people we have shown our home to is crazy! I know that in the end it will end up in the right hands, but for now I struggle with keeping it clean […]

Hawaiian Burger – WellFed Weeknights

My absolute favorite cookbook right now is WellFed Weeknights by Melissa Joulwan. I literally have not had a single recipe we did not love and they are all done in 45 mins or less. I gave this as a Christmas present this year to a few family members I love it so much! It gives…